Fire District

Being an emergency responder isn’t about what you look like, how old you are, what degree you have or where you come from. It’s about heart. If you have the heart to serve your community for a few hours each month, the Hatley Area Fire and Ambulance District needs you.

Did you know?

  • You can earn on-call hourly wages and hourly wages for responding to calls.
  • You can earn incentive bounces for being an active volunteer.
  • Your training costs are covered by the district and the state of Wisconsin.
  • The district is fully insured and offers workers’ compensation insurance, along with other coverages.

Ready to learn more about volunteering?


Fire Chief – Brandon Damask, 715-581-8878

Ambulance Chief – Penny Esker, 715-581-2601

Visit the Fire and Ambulance District on Facebook.

Volunteer Application

Email the completed form to

District Contacts

Village of Hatley
(President of District Ambulance Board)
David Narloch
115 Kuhlman Ave.
Hatley, WI 54440
Home: (715) 446-3435
Work: (715) 449-3889
Fax: (715) 446-1315

Town of Elderon
(Vice President of District Ambulance Board)
Don Spranger
1497 Cherry Drive
Eland, WI 54427
Home: (715) 454-6480
Cell: (715) 551-7244

Town of Bevent
(Treasurer of District Ambulance Board)
Randy Wanta
6329 Cty Rd C
Hatley, WI 54440
Cell: (715) 573-6681

Town of Reid
(Secretary of District Ambulance Board)
Heather Maves
2300 Buss Rd.
Hatley, WI 54440
Cell: (715) 508-1641

Jack Dallman
4691 State Hwy 153
Hatley, WI 54440
Home: (715) 446-3461

Town of Norrie
Chairman: Michael Melotik
N490 Derham St.
Birnamwood, WI 54414
Home: (715) 449-2036

Clerical Assistant:
Ruby Pepowski
5682 Shantytown Drive
Rosholt, WI 544 73
Phone: (715) 344-3716